FREE Mobility Vehicle Rental – An initiative between Automobility & Hertz Australia

Automobility in conjunction with Hertz Australia are now able to offer a FREE 24-hour test drive in a wheelchair accessible Kia Carnival!

We understand that COVID restrictions and the vulnerability of our clients can make a face to face test drive difficult or potentially unsafe.

So, to help our prospective clients to take one of our Kia Carnivals for a spin, we have implemented the “Free Test Drive” initiative.

A security deposit of $200 is required and the usual rental conditions apply. You can also extend the rental of one of the vehicles beyond the initial 24-hour period if you have an outing or trip planned by making a booking with your Hertz agent! 

Hertz have a selection of row 2 or row 3, Kia Carnival wheelchair access vehicles in their fleet. Availability of vehicle types will vary between locations.

Hertz staff will also provide you with a friendly demonstration before taking the vehicle out but Automobility representatives are only a phone call away too if you’re unsure about anything.

So, Why Hertz?

Visit Hertz for more information on renting one of our WAVs or contact our friendly consultants today.
Visit Hertz for more information on renting one of our WAVs or contact our friendly consultants today.

We want to help individuals and families with the decision making and funding process for a Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV) by providing them with the use of a WAV in their own environment and at their leisure. Hertz has enabled us to implement more convenient test drive locations, and a longer test drive than you would usually get when one of our mobility consultants visits you.

With the 24 hour, our prospective clients can really get to know the vehicle and just how it can really benefit them. We think all our customers should feel absolutely certain that the WAV is the right fit for them in the long term before they make a commitment.

We understand that sometimes travelling with a person with a disability or limited mobility can be challenging. Our WAVs provide people with limited mobility and carers with an easier way to get out and about more often.

What are the Benefits of an Automobility Kia Carnival WAV?

Automobility’s Kia Carnival WAVs offer exceptional ride comfort and visibility for all occupants. They can also save a lot of time and energy, reduce risks of strain and pain and all the while offer individuals and families more freedom and independence! You can read more on the benefits of owning a WAV here.

Well appointed, comfortable and easy to drive, our Kia Carnivals exceed Australian Standards and are well suited for transporting wheelchair users and their families where the need or choose to go.

Where can I pick up a WAV to take it for a test Drive?

For more information on the Kia Carnival availability, contact us today.
For more information on the Kia Carnival availability, contact us today.

Our WAVs at Hertz are available at various locations upon request and booking in:

  • Victoria (Melbourne and some regional locations)
  • South Australia (Adelaide metropolitan area)
  • New South Wales (Sydney and some regional locations)
  • Australian Capital Territory  
  • Queensland (Brisbane and Gold Coast regions)
  • Western Australia (Perth metropolitan area)

Contact Automobility for more information about specific Hertz locations and we can assist you to make a booking at your nearest participating Hertz location. 

What if I can’t do an in-person Demo?

If you don’t have the opportunity to experience one of our Kia Carnivals in person, then check out our immersive 360° Virtual Tour here! It’s the next best thing to sitting in the car yourself. Don’t forget to switch and see the external view of the car!

At Automobility, we are dedicated to enabling life’s journey. CALL US on 1300 660 773 to BOOK your demo today or find out more about the benefits of owning a WAV. We design our Wheelchair Access Vehicles (WAVs) to meet the specific needs of each individual.

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