Row 3 Conversion

Ideal for less frequent wheelchair users or those who are able to transfer to standard seating positions for longer trips, the row 3 vehicle is a very flexible option that allows for up to 7 occupants or 5 occupants plus 1 wheelchair. Great option for the wheelchair user who can transfer out of their wheelchair.


  • Self Drive and Front Row Passenger Options

    A drive from wheelchair vehicle is the ultimate in freedom and independence for wheelchair users. The front passenger wheelchair option is also very popular for wheelchair users who want the improved visibility of the front seating row and the easier communication with the driver.

  • Side Steps

    To assist other ambulant occupants in and out of your wheelchair access vehicle, side steps reduce the step height for occupants getting in and out of the vehicle.

  • Automated Tailgate and Ramp System

    To assist with the convenient use of your wheelchair access vehicle, an electrically operated ramp or automated entry removes the need to manually operate the ramp. A great convenience feature for wheelchair passenger conversions and a necessity for self drive options.

  • Automobility's Wheelchair Docking Station

    The most convenient and easiest way to secure a wheelchair in your wheelchair access vehicle. A docking station removes the need to fit wheelchair restraints to the wheelchair to make loading of the wheelchair even quicker.

  • Boarding and Departure Winch

    To ensure overall comfort and safety for the wheelchair occupant and their carers, a winch helps to control the entry and exit of the wheelchair user to the vehicle and reduce the risk of injury. Easy to use and operated by a remote control, a winch is the ideal feature for people using manual wheelchairs.

  • Folding 2 Person Seat in Row 3

    The row 3 seat comfortably seats 2 adults and stows to the side to allow easy access for the wheelchair to the vehicle. The ideal way to increase the seating capacity of your wheelchair access vehicle up to 6 people plus 1 wheelchair.


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