Benefits of Owning a Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV)

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a car that’s been manufactured to transport a wheelchair user. WAVs are designed to make transport safe, convenient and easier for individual wheelchair users, their families and carers.

WAVs are tailored to the wheelchair user’s needs and provide several benefits to wheelchair users and their lifestyles. Vehicles can be transformed into drive from a wheelchair, front passenger or row 2 or 3 configurations. Plus, each vehicle is tailored to suit the requirements of a person’s wheelchair, whether it’s electric or manual, as well as their individual needs. Configurated

Read on to find out how investing in a WAV can significantly improve quality of life for people in wheelchairs:

1. More Independence & Freedom

For wheelchair users, wait times for an accessible taxi or Uber can be long and tedious, and some modes of public transport have limited spaces. A WAV gives you the freedom to drive practically anywhere in the comfort of your own personal space. For wheelchair users who can drive a vehicle by themselves, this gives them a better sense of independence rather than having to rely on a family member or carer to take them anywhere. It also makes the duties of caregivers much simpler, so local trips like going to the supermarket or pharmacy are less time consuming and much more accessible.

In the current COVID situation, having your own WAV helps wheelchair users self-isolate for when they need to travel to vital appointments.

2. Less Strain & Pain

Transferring in and out of a vehicle that isn't designed for wheelchairs can be tiresome and strenuous on the passenger and caregiver. WAVs are designed for maximum comfort and security.
Transferring in and out of a vehicle that isn’t designed for wheelchairs can be tiresome and strenuous on the passenger and caregiver. WAVs are designed for maximum comfort and security. 

Transferring a wheelchair user into a vehicle that isn’t specifically wheelchair accessible can often be tiresome, risky and painful for both the passenger and caregiver. WAVs are designed to make the process as smooth as possible by avoiding any transfers from a wheelchair to a seat. This not only prevents unnecessary, repetitive pressure on the wheelchair users’ wrists and shoulders (if they are transferring themselves), but it also addresses OHS issues.

3. Saves Time & Energy

Even if you’ve mastered the art of transferring yourself or a wheelchair user in and out of a car, along with folding and unpacking the wheelchair, it can still take up a lot of time and energy. WAVs are equipped with ramps and lifts to make life easier, giving you back some of that time and energy you may need to spend on more important things throughout the day! Wherever your destination might be, a WAV is already set up and ready for you to get on the road as quickly as possible.

4. Unparalleled Safety

WAVs are specifically manufactured with the highest of safety standards to transport people in wheelchairs. They’re also modified to suit the individual wheelchair user to ensure they are able to move in and out of the vehicle in the most secure way. The equipment within a WAV is designed to reduce the risk of injury to both the wheelchair passenger and caregiver. A wheelchair docking system can also be fitted, providing a user-friendly alternative to manually applied restraint systems. With a WAV, you can rest assured you’re choosing one of the safest ways to travel.

As industry leaders in Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV) conversions, we understand that travelling with a person with a disability or limited mobility can sometimes be challenging. If you’d like to get out and about more, consider a WAV.

Check out some of our WAVs here or contact our friendly team on 1300 660 773 if you’d like more information about WAVs. We offer obligation free demonstration and consultation via video chat or at your home.

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