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Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a truly horrible disease that is a death sentence.

There is no cure, there is no effective treatment – the average life expectancy from diagnosis until death is only 27 months.

Automobility is often approached by MND sufferers in need of a wheelchair access vehicle and understands that the need is only a short term one, until the insidious MND takes hold.

The Cure For MND Foundation three core aims are; To Cure, To Care and To make Aware.
The Foundation works tirelessly to raise funds for research into a cure for MND and to support current and future MND sufferers through a variety of “Care” initiatives with the aim of helping them to live life to the full in the limited time they have.

Automobility has partnered with the Cure for MND Foundation in regards to their “Care” and “Make Aware” missions and aims to help them with these goals.

To begin with, Automobility will loan a Kia Grand Carnival wheelchair access vehicle to the Foundation and is re-branding the #96 Advantage Motorsport Aussie Racing Car vehicle as the #96 Cure for MND Foundation Aussie Racing Car to help raise greater awareness of MND.

Automobility will also work with the Foundation to further their goals and reach more MND sufferers and community members.

For more information about the Cure for MND Foundation and the events they have planned, please visit

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