Adapted Golf – a Sport for Everyone

Playing golf is great fun and a wonderfully social sport people of all physical abilities can enjoy. Although golf isn’t included in the Paralympic Games just yet, there are a range of inclusive options for those with hearing or vision impairments and people with limited mobility.

There are several benefits of taking up golf as a hobby, these include:

  • Improving physical fitness – On average, a round of golf with 18 holes takes about four hours to play for a group of four golfers! It can be an entertaining way to change up your normal fitness regime.
  • Maintaining mental alertness – Weighing up your playing strategies to achieve a particular shot, tallying up scores and other various facets of the game all help with keeping your mind sharp and on-the-go.
  • Socialising & making new friends – Golf is a fantastic opportunity to get a group of friends or family members together, as well as to meet new people and learn key tips from more experienced players.
  • Embracing the great outdoors – Getting out and about in the fresh air can do wonders for improving your mood. Playing golf away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can also assist with relaxation.

The Modified Rulebook for Adapted Golf

One of the best aspects of golf is its unique Handicapping System. This is a numerical measure calculated by a player’s individual ability so people can compete on equal terms. As a result, this system was perfect for developing Adapted Golf for players with disabilities.

Adapted Golf uses a Modified Set of Rules designed to optimise a game’s accessibility. You can view the full guide from the R&A and The United States Golf Association here. These rules are designed to level the playing field so golfers of all different kinds of abilities can compete fairly with each other, both for leisure and competitively.

Where can I play Adapted Golf in Australia?

James Gribble, founder of Empower Golf Australia getting out and about on the green on a Paragolfer.
James Gribble, founder of Empower Golf Australia getting out and about on the green on a Paragolfer.

There are plenty of local golf courses in Australia where you can practice your golfing skills! Many of which offer ParaGolfers – all-terrain wheelchairs which can raise the user into a standing position to allow a more conventional golf swing.

Take a look at these Adapted Golf locations across Australia:

New South Wales

  • Moore Park Golf Course – this is the most accessible golf facility in Sydney, centrally located on the corner of Cleveland and Anzac Parade.
  • Long Reef Golf Club – You can smell the ocean from this stunning beach front golf course which now offers monthly disabled golf clinics to introduce people to the sport.


  • Sandhurst Club – Less than 35 minutes South East of Melbourne’s CBD, Sandhurst club offers monthly meetups with Christian Hamilton, Australia’s most experienced disability golf coach.


  • Club Parkwood – this is the premier inclusive facility located on the Gold Coast, offering ParaGolfers 100% free-of-charge!
  • Half Moon Bay Golf Club – located Yorkey’s Knob on the Northern beaches of Cairns, this accessible golf course is just 20 minutes from Cairns CBD. Regular ‘Come and Try’ golf clinics are run by blind and disabled trained Professional Golfer Association (PGA) Graham Bolton.  

Western Australia

  • Wembley Golf Australia – Just a kilometre from City Beach, this 18-hole golf course is set among the beautiful Tuart and Banksia trees.

For more locations offering ParaGolfers see Empower Golf Australia.

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