A Helping Hand for a Top Bloke

Peter Roberts is an Aussie battler. Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 months after marrying his childhood sweetheart Sharon. His condition deteriorated over the next few years and he has now been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years, after his health forced him into retirement at just 31 years old.

Sharon has been Peter’s primary carer and together they’ve raised their family despite the hardship of Peter’s MS, and Sharon’s own health concerns after 3 bouts of breast cancer. Peter has been a prisoner of his own home for many years as his only way to venture out was wheelchair access taxis, something he struggled to afford expect for necessities like medical appointments.

A Current Affair brought Peter’s situation to our attention and we were only too happy to assist by donating a pre-loved Kia Carnival to Peter and Sharon – giving them the motoring freedom they need to be able to go places when and where they like.

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