Who We Are and What We Do?

At Automobility, we have been committed to providing the best quality mobility solutions on the market since 2001. Our vision is to manufacture all of our wheelchair access vehicle (WAV) conversions with integrity, strong customer orientation and excellence at every step of the way. We aim to provide products and services of the highest standard, to suit the unique needs and lifestyle of our customers and their families.

All of our conversions incorporate a flat-floor configuration with our very own patented suspension design, allowing wheelchair users the greatest space, comfort and accessibility, whilst keeping them at the same height as everyone else and improving visibility. We are proud to have supplied in excess of 1500 vehicle conversions over the last 15 years.

Our vehicles can be modified to allow users to drive from their wheelchair, the front passenger seat or in the second/third row, depending on the unique needs of the wheelchair user and their family. As part our commitment to excellence, we ensure all of our conversions meet or exceed Australian Standards.

Kia Converted Wheelchair Accessible Van

Our Process

Our process begins with our mobility consultant working with you to discuss your individual mobility (and medical) needs, how the vehicle will be used by the family, who is in your family and what your family lifestyle entails. From this, we make a series of recommendations from our expert Team as to which vehicle from our Kia, Proton and Volkswagen ranges would be recommended, and which conversion would be most suitable for your unique circumstances.

You can then take our different types of vehicles and conversions on an obligation-free test drive to determine what works best for you, and to see the difference that an Automobility conversion can make to a family’s life! Far away from our locations? No worries at all – we can come to you for a comprehensive, obligation-free demonstration.

What Comes Next?

After your family decides on the best vehicle and conversion for your circumstances, our in-house engineering team takes over to complete the vehicle modification in our on-site workshop.
After your custom vehicle has been created, we will deliver your vehicle to you, and our speciality after-sales support team will assist in making sure that you have all that you need to operate your vehicle comfortably and safely.

After-sales Service

Automobility is by your side, working in partnership with you throughout the life of your WAV, to ensure your Automobility vehicle continues to assist your family’s mobility for years to come. The Automobility Service & Repair network spans Australia, with our partners from Pedders Suspension giving us over 120 Automobility agents offering servicing of Automobility’s WAV’s, including servicing and repairs to docking stations, installations of wheelchair occupant and wheelchair restraints systems, minor warranty repairs and wheelchair loading winch installations.

Automobility Wheelchair Van Service & Repair Network

We also have a partnership with Hertz and Europcar to offer Automobility WAV’s for Hire across Australia, to give your family peace of mind and greater freedom to travel and enjoy your time together.

As well as individual and family car conversions, Automobility also offers conversions on community transport and taxi vehicles.

If you would like to learn more about how Automobility can assist you and your family to get on the road, give us a call on 1300 660 773 for an obligation-free vehicle demonstration and consultation.

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