Top 5 Accessible Winter Activities

Staying active during winter is important for anyone who uses a wheelchair. However, winter weather can be challenging if you are unable to regulate your body temperature, have issues with circulation or your muscle use and flexibility is impacted by the cold.

That doesn’t mean you need to stay inside though! There are lots of things to do in winter, whether you want to travel far or stay a little closer to home. Here are our top 5 winter activities:

1. Ice Skating

Being a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter activities!

Being a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter activities!

What’s winter without a skate around the ice rink? It’s a classic winter activity across the world, and there are lots of locations in Australia where you can enjoy a skate in your wheelchair. Ice-skating can be a fun way to enjoy the cooler weather and also keep active – but be sure to wrap up warm!

Here are some accessible ice rinks in your state;

2. Museums and Galleries

A gallery or museum visit is the perfect winter activity for when you don’t want brave the cold weather. Museums have a wide range of activities on like workshops, exhibitions and interactive displays and large public buildings like these are usually fully accessible!

Here are our favourite accessible museums and galleries in your state;

3. Go to the Movies

Many big blockbuster movies often come out in the middle of winter and most cinemas are not only accessible but have dedicated areas for people in wheelchairs. If you’re feeling fancy, try a Gold Class experience where you get state of the art cinema technology, access to the premium lounge and bar and a personal waiter service! We ran a Facebook promotion and sent some of our lucky supporters and customers on a Gold Class cinema experience, so be sure to Like our Facebook Page and keep an eye out for more chances to win!

Upcoming movie releases we’re looking forward to this winter include – The Incredibles 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Ant Man! For a full list of upcoming movies, take a look here!

4. Take a Road Trip

There are lots of road trips and tourist destinations that are wheelchair accessible, like the Great Australian Bight.

There are lots of road trips and tourist destinations that are wheelchair accessible, like the Great Australian Bight.

Get out of the house and enjoy one of the many scenic drives that Australia has to offer – plus it’s a great excuse to make use of your wheelchair access vehicle! No matter the length of your trip, it’s a fun and inexpensive way to embark on an adventure this winter.

Be sure to plan your route, find accessible accommodation options and prepare everything you may need for a longer trip. Make sure you also read our tips for long road trips in a wheelchair.

5. Winter Sports or Physical Activities

There are many benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle if you are in a wheelchair, especially in the cooler weather – including improving your overall physical health, as well as your mental wellbeing.

Visiting the Aussie snowfields in winter is a great way to get outdoors and be active. A membership with Disabled Wintersport Australia provides individuals with disabilities access, accommodation, adaptive equipment and snow sport lessons at popular ski locations across New South Wales and Victoria.

If heading to the snow isn’t your cup of tea, read our blog on how else you can be more active as a wheelchair user in your regular day-to-day life.

Getting out and about in winter is fun, but inclement weather conditions can presents challenges for wheelchair users. Navigating your way through slippery, wet and windy conditions and regulating your body temperature can be tricky, so here are some more suggestions to help you stay warm, healthy and safe:

  • Layer up – Keeping warm with extra layers is vital, especially if you suffer from a spinal cord injury.
  • Exercise – Regular physical activity will help improve your circulation and core body temperature
  • Plan ahead – Paths, driveways and roads can be particularly slippery or dangerous in the winter, so be sure to plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey

Read our top tips on how you can prepare yourself for winter.

There’s a huge range of activities, events and locations that are fully accessible for wheelchair users in Australia. Share your favourite locations and winter experiences with us on Facebook or contact us online.

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