Health Benefits of Playing Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is fast becoming one of the most popular sports for athletes with a disability. In Australia, the National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL) was established in 1988. And ever since, the country’s top players, both male and female, compete every year across Australia to win the championship.

But whether you’re aiming to take on wheelchair basketball in a professional league or just want a fun hobby outside of the house, there are several major health benefits of playing the sport! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining a wheelchair basketball team today:   

1. Improves Fitness & Body Strength

Playing wheelchair basketball is a great way to adopt a fun and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining fitness and building muscle are particularly important for long-term quality of life and mobility. Meeting up to play with your wheelchair basketball team on a weekly basis allows you to set aside regular time to get your heart rate up, and help build muscle strength for optimum health.

2. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Playing wheelchair basketball is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy weight without even noticing! The key focus in any wheelchair basketball game is to get more baskets than the opposite team. Before you know it, you’ll be sweating and burning calories when you get caught up in the competitiveness of the game!

3. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Exercising is a renowned stress and anxiety relief for people. When stress from day-to-day life affects the brain, it can also impact the rest of your body from tension headaches to muscle aches. But when you exercise, your body releases endorphins – chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and also help your ability to get a good night’s sleep. In turn, playing wheelchair basketball can not only assist with your general physical ability but also your ‘mental fitness’ as well.

4. Creates a Sense of Belonging

Joining a local wheelchair basketball team gives you the opportunity to exercise your body, mind and form new friendships!
Joining a local wheelchair basketball team gives you the opportunity to exercise your body, mind and form new friendships!

Unfortunately, not all spaces and activities are available to people in wheelchairs. Joining a wheelchair basketball team gives you the opportunity to meet new people and form friendships which can create a warm sense of belonging. Being part of a team or group is even more of a rewarding feeling if you end up winning a game of wheelchair basketball!

5. Keeps your Mind Active

Wheelchair basketball takes a lot of skills to handle the ball, follow the rules and somehow manage to score through a hoop! With so much going on throughout a game, it’s a great sport to help keep your mind active, improve alertness and concentration as well as enhance overall cognitive function. Want to find out more about where you can get involved in wheelchair basketball? Check out Disability Sports Australia.

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