Best Seat in the Car – Where Would You Like to Sit?

The method of entry is a key consideration when looking to buy or convert a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle – WAV (read our rear vs side entry blog HERE) but the wheelchair position is an equally important choice that also requires some forward thinking.

While the vehicle make and model may restrict or determine your seat options to some extent, the good news is that you do have options! There are generally four wheelchair seat positions available here at Automobilitydrive from wheelchair, front passenger, row 2 and row 3.

To help you with the planning and decision-making process, we have compiled the main features and benefits of each seat option and provided our recommendation about who may be likely to enjoy and require each position the most.

volkswagen self drive

Drive from Wheelchair: if you’re looking to regain or maintain your sense of freedom and independence and travel regularly for work and pleasure, this is the seat option for you!

  • Features: automated entry and driver controls, folding rear seats for easy access or a transfer seat for people with more mobilit
  • Best for: the active adult who can get around unassisted
  • Testimonial: watch and hear Wayne and Robyn’s story HERE
volkswagen front passenger

Front Passenger: if you want or need to sit near the driver and get the best view of where you’re heading and what’s going on this is your ideal seat option

  • Optional Features: automated rear entry ramp and folding rear seats for easy access, or additional passengers
  • More options: side steps and/ or a transfer seat for people with more mobility
  • Best for: young adults, a spouse/ partner or ageing parent who wants to be part of the action or persons needing quicker and easier access/ communication to the driver/ carer
  • Testimonial: watch and hear Casey’s story HERE
KIA carnival row2 passenger

Row 2 Conversion: this is the most popular family conversion option, offering a middle row 2 seat option to keep the whole family together on trips of all lengths.

  • Optional Features: automated rear entry ramp, folding row 3 seats for easy access or additional storage space, and room for up to 6 passengers and 1 wheelchair
  • Best for: families with young children, extended social groups or ageing parents
  • Testimonial: watch and read Rebecca’s story HERE

Row 3 Conversion: while this seating option provides less visibility and interaction with the driver for the wheelchair user, it’s a good flexible option for those shorter or infrequent trips.

  • Features: automated rear entry ramp, folding row 3 seats provides room for 5 passengers plus 1 wheelchair, or 7 standard seats
  • Best for: active adults or very young who can be easily transferred out of their wheelchair and/ or may not always require the use of a wheelchair seat.

Our WAV conversions are able to be equipped with our boarding and departure winch and/or a docking station to keep you safe and secure at all stages of your journey, and are available with the Kia Carnival, VW Multivan, VW Caravelle, VW Transporter and VW Caddy. We also have a range of additional mobility equipment and conversion features you can browse HERE.

We understand that each of our customers’ vehicle and lifestyle needs are unique and will require a tailored consultation process. If you want personalised advice and support with selecting the best wheelchair conversion options for you and your family, call us on 1300 660 773 for a FREE consultation and vehicle demonstration, in person on online.

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