Automobility means Freedom

At Automobility, all our wheelchair access vehicles are manufactured with the freedom of our consumers in mind. We tailor each of our vehicles to meet the specific needs and maximise independence and lifestyle for wheelchair users and their families.

Automobility vehicles give you:

1. The Freedom to Be Spontaneous

Automobility tailor conversions aim to transform your everyday. With drive from wheelchair options, you can just get in the car and go out for coffee, do your grocery shopping or visit your friends without having to plan ahead or organise someone to take care of the motoring part – you can be your own chauffeur! Automobility drive from wheelchair conversion options give you the opportunity to have the lifestyle and freedom you want.

With second and third row conversions for your family members in wheelchairs, it’s also much easier to go out and do the everyday with your family and loved ones. You can take your wheelchair using kids or partner along to family activities like the kids sporting events, school events or just the everyday grocery trip. With our tailor conversions being made to on-the-market cars, the motor, body and internal specifications are the same as other road users – offering you the freedom to drive from your wheelchair with the same safety, look and comfort as non-converted vehicles.

Watch how an Automobility conversion transformed the everyday for Robyn & Wayne family

2. The Freedom to See where the road takes you

Enabling Life’s Journey is our aim and we aspire to achieve that for our clients. Automobility tailors our vehicle conversions to your specific needs, so that you and your family can see where the road takes you. Whether your desired holiday destination is near or far, a self-drive wheelchair vehicle conversion, or a second or third row conversion for any family member, means you have the ability to get to your destination or merely motor off into the sunset, if you like.

If you’ve dreamed of motoring along the Great Ocean Road while behind the wheel, Automobility makes it possible. If you want to take your family across the Kimberley’s to explore Australia’s natural beauty, a partner or child conversion means your family members can safely and easily experience the travel destinations of your dreams.

With Automobility, family motoring holidays become a possibility again – drive your family up to see the breathtaking Queensland beaches and outback without the need for complicated ramps and machinery. The front passenger conversion means that you can see the sights with your wheelchair-bound partner or child right by your side.

Watch our “Enabling Life’s Journey” video, showing off the natural beauty that an Automobility wheelchair access conversion can bring to you. Regain the freedom to explore!

3. The Freedom to Spend time with your family and friends

Automobility’s tailored wheelchair conversions mean that your family is closer than ever. If you want to drive yourself to visit your family and friends near or far – a self-drive or drive from wheelchair conversion makes this possible again, and with minimum fuss. With row two or three conversions, you can all easily travel together safely in the same vehicle as a family.

Discover how Casey makes the most of the freedom that his Automobility vehicle has afforded him

We tailor make each of our vehicles to suit your family’s unique needs, giving your family freedom to live the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Whether your family dreams of improving the convenience of everyday life, going on road trips or motoring holidays across our nation or simply spending more time together, Automobility helps to Enable Life’s Journey. Contact us today to ask more.

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